Congratulations to our very own foster carer Louise Allen, who is now a published author!

Somerset Foster Carer Louise was herself a child in care, in the 1970s, and writes about her experiences in an inspirational new memoir.

Overcoming cruelty, terrible neglect and lack of education, Louise found sanctuary in her love of art. She has enjoyed a successful career in art and academia, gained two post-graduate qualifications, and launched her new book ‘Thrown Away Child’ on Thursday 28 December.

Due to her own traumatic experience in foster care, Louise is today an ardent champion of quality foster caring.

Louise transferred from a private fostering agency, to foster with Somerset County Council and very much enjoys her role.

“I am passionate about providing dedicated foster care for children ‘looked after’ in Somerset and supporting their education. It is vital to help children in care achieve their potential and I find my part in that hugely rewarding.

I urge anyone who is considering fostering to get in touch with Somerset County Council. Your efforts will make a huge difference to children’s lives”.

The book launch coincides with the start of Louise’s new campaign, ‘Looking After ‘Looked After’ Children’. Louise firmly believes that there is hope for all children who have been abused – a damaged childhood need not define you as an adult; if you receive the right care and encouragement.

If you are over 21 with a spare room and the enthusiasm to make a difference to a child’s life, contact us and find out what fostering can offer you.

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