Brother and sister Dale, 19, and Kaleigh, 17, have thrived growing up with their Foster family in Somerset.

In this short video, they talk about why they’re pleased to be ‘Staying Put’ – able to stay with their Foster Carers past the age of 18, rather than leaving home to become independent at 18.

Whether you’re a child or young person in Foster Care, or a social worker or other children’s services professional, this video gives an insight into why we hope to encourage more CYP and Foster Carers to ‘Stay Put’ – giving them a better chance of a stable, successful future.

The Government says: “The age of leaving home among the population as a whole is rising and the transition to adulthood is becoming increasingly complex. Children looked after often leave care to become independent before the age of 18. Research and evidence highlights that where children in care experience an extended transition more akin to their peers, outcomes improve and the experience is more normative.”