We’re celebrating the animals that help with fostering


Pets can really help traumatised children to settle in and open up. Thank you for your great fostering family pet pics, keep them coming!


Foster Carer Anne combines fostering and working in Equine Assisted Therapy:

“We had one boy with us for 3 years and the effect that being with the horses, cats and dogs had on him was the inspiration for my retraining and setting up our equine assisted learning centre EAQ Mid Somerset“.

The methods from EAQ, we now use on a day to day basis with the foster children that come to us on respite.



“This is Jester the donkey , he always brings a smile” – Foster Carer Helen.


“Molly, the sun bathing pony picture has acted as an ice breaker several times. When a child is shy or doesn’t want to talk you say “I bet you’ve never seen a pony sunbathe” and before you know it there’s a whole conversation going on!” – Paula


This is Echo. “Out walking the dog connecting with nature allows the children to ground themselves in a way that can be therapeutic.” #animaltherapy


Eric the Cat: “Helping to look after and feed Eric, allows the child to give back and makes them feel needed.”

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